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Chamber Luncheon

May 21, 2015

eric werny

 Discovering Your ‘Why’ By Design

Your ‘Why” in life equals your Personal Brand, and it’s portable.  You take it with you everywhere you go. How do you share your personal brand through the technology channels in life?

 Eric Werny – Entrepreneurial Mentor of Utah Consulting will be presenting a fast moving, intense and humorous discussion about human nature in the business world, the roles we play, and how to understand our “Why”.

Why do business owners struggle with success?


The number one reason business owners struggle is because they have not discovered their ‘why’ or understand the key roles they play.  Many are in the seat for the wrong reasons.  Building relationships become a taunting task.


What is your ‘why’?

Knowing your ‘why’ or belief system, and those with whom you wish to build a relationship, can be your strongest asset. This engine drives the creation of long lasting relationships.
Once you have discovered your ‘why’, you can move quickly into developing relationships you never dreamed possible. The most important person you will ever meet can be only five relationships away.


How are you going through the channel of technology to give the message of your brand?
We help business owners discover and design a better message about their ‘why’. Your ‘why’ is what makes you who you are.


Your ‘why’ eventually become your personal brand.


Eric Werny, President and Founder of Utah Consulting, LLC, has more than 32 years of hands on small business experience, and has help companies increase their revenues and cut critical costs that have made a significate difference to their business sustainability. Mr. Werny led these companies through start-up, innovation, survival, turnaround and growth modeling.

Mr. Werny has spent 20 years as a chief executive officer and chief operating officer in a variety of industries, including Business mentoring, IT services, Internet hosting and Services, Telecommunication system provisioning. His understanding of leadership rolls related to operational management, marketing, inside and outside sales.

Among his significant previous positions, Eric served as an Advance service technician, for such Fortune 500 companies as Eastman Kodak a New York-based NYSE and Fortune 500 multinational manufacturer of consumer products (Whittier, California), and sales and team leading for New York Life Insurance and Annuity Corporation (NYLIAC) and NYLIFE (Orange, California)

Mr. Werny served his country, in the United State Navy, in the field of Navy communications. He continues to be in full support of Veterans and their families.

Web Site:
Twitter: @UtahConsulting
Utah Consulting, LLC
Tele: (435) 565-1441
1071 East 100 South, Bldg C, Suite C4
Saint George, Utah 84770

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